10 Ways To Make Wind Chimes From Recycled Materials

Wind chimes are a beautiful way to decorate your home with sound. They provide better air quality by releasing negative ions into the air. They can be made from recycled materials like bamboo and metal …

Wind chimes are a beautiful way to decorate your home with sound. They provide better air quality by releasing negative ions into the air. They can be made from recycled materials like bamboo and metal sheeting that we all have lying around!

This blog post will show you how to make wind chimes for yourself or as a gift for someone else using only things you can find in your house.

Wind chimes have been around for centuries. The ancient Chinese believed that wind chimes would bring good luck and prosperity to the family who hung them.

Today, they are still used to ward off evil spirits and bad energy. Wind chimes can also be a great way to add personality and style to your home or garden with recycled materials!

Wind chimes are a fun craft to make because they can be made from recycled materials. They’re easy and inexpensive to make, too!

Here are 10 different ways you can create wind chimes with recycled or scrap materials:

You will need recycled materials like old tin cans, wire hangers, and wood

Get a tin can and cut the top off with scissors. Make sure it is at least one inch from the lip of the can so that you have space to attach things later on.

You will need two pieces for each chime, so save your other cans or get more if needed!

Cut the bottoms off of two cans to make a wind catcher

Next, secure wire hangers by bending them in half and then cutting through both sides of the metal hook (so they are now open loops).

Bend these newly created loops into hooks again to create beautiful wind chimes when all put together! If you find this difficult because of how thick wire hangers tend to be, try using thinner ones like coat hangers instead.

Tie a string around one end of the looped wire hanger.

Cut a piece of wood into an L shape and drill holes in it for the stringing wires

Next, tie the string around one of your cans so that it’s left sticking out on either side (about an inch at least).

Drill holes on one end of each can be using a hole saw or jigsaw 

Then tighten and knot the string to make sure it stays put. You should now be able to hang this can from a tree or other structure!

The second wire hanger loop will then need to be tied onto the lip of another can for you to create two loops with hooks on the – one attached directly beneath each end of the windcatcher

String your cans with wire hangers and tie them together with string at the top 

Now attach these newly created wire hangers by tying the ends of both wire hangers together using more string. Make sure they’re as secure as possible when done because if not, winds could cause chimes to unnecessarily hit each other.

Make sure that there is enough room between your strings so that you can hang them from nails or hooks attached to your house or porch ceiling

Finally, tie a string to the top of both cans to hang a second set of wind chimes from one already hung up! If you’re not feeling too creative or want more materials, try cutting shapes out of cardboard and covering them with aluminum foil.

Hang these cutouts from your can loops instead of for an interesting sound when they blow in the breeze.

Don’t forget to give some love and donate your old cans, tins, or other metal items!

The best way to create a wind chime is by using recycled materials.

Recycled materials are great for the environment because they’re already repurposed from something that might otherwise be going into a landfill.

Suppose you have any unused wire hangers in your home – perfect! Grab as many as you need and use them to hang up two different sets of wind chimes made of aluminum cans.

But if not, don’t worry – there are plenty of material options available: cardboard cutouts with aluminum foil; paper towel rolls covered in tin foil (perfect for larger spaces); plastic bottles filled with water; even empty pill bottles can be filled with water and hung up to create a symphony of melodic sounds.

Recycled aluminum cans

Number one on this list is the recycled aluminum cans, which are the most common craft material for wind chimes.

It’s easy to make your own set in just a few minutes by taking some old cardboard tubes or paper towel rolls, wrapping them tightly in aluminum foil, and then cutting small holes through both ends – typically about an inch long.

You’ll need at least two sets of these (they don’t require glue), and you’re ready to hang! Just secure them around tree branches using wire hangers as strings and let ’em sing!

If you want something more intricate than that, there are plenty of other materials available.

For example, glass bottles can be filled with water and hung up to create a symphony of melodic sounds.

You’ll also need some wire hangers or clothesline pulleys (depending on the size of your bottle) to attach them as well as rocks for weighting down if necessary.

Empty plastic drinks bottles

Number two is empty plastic drink bottles made from renewable resources and have almost no impact on the environment when recycled. So it’s not just their environmental friendliness that makes these great materials!

They’re easy to make, too: take an old piece of scrap wood, push in one end of each bottle, then wrap tightly with tape before hanging up around tree branches using string or ribbon.

And don’t stop at simple circles either; get creative with your design and shape the bottles into various shapes for added visual interest.

Old aluminum cans

The third option is old aluminum cans collected in bulk, as they have an almost endless lifespan before being recycled. They’re also surprisingly easy to make – decorate them on both sides using paint or markers, then wrap loosely around tree branches using string or ribbon.

As long as you don’t use too many at once, their slinky metal sound will create a lovely symphony without having to worry about stopping birds from nesting!

Finally, if you want something that’s more like traditional wind chimes, why not try out some bamboo? Just cut lengths of it into 15cm lengths, drill holes through one end, thread onto wire hangers, then suspend them in rows.

The idea of upcycling materials is a great way to use what you have and create something beautiful from it simultaneously – so why not give these ideas a go!


Wind chimes are a great way to enjoy the sound of nature and create an inviting atmosphere.

Try making your own wind chime using recycled materials! The following ten DIY projects for creating wind chimes will get you started in this fun craft. If you’re unsure where to start, try one of these simple yet effective designs that incorporate some easy-to-find supplies like old CDs or string from around the house.

You can also use seashells or pebbles found on walks with loved ones; even buttons work well when used individually or grouped.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how they turn out – every design has its own unique charm and personality! What’s your favorite idea?

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