11 Reasons Why Wind Chimes Aren’t So Annoying

Wind chimes are often seen as annoying and unwelcome. This is because they are mostly used to ward off evil spirits or provide a pleasant garden. But people need to stop hating on wind chimes! …

Wind chimes are often seen as annoying and unwelcome. This is because they are mostly used to ward off evil spirits or provide a pleasant garden. But people need to stop hating on wind chimes!

They can actually be quite soothing if you know how to use them right. Here are 11 reasons why wind chimes aren’t so annoying after all.

Wind chimes can be an intriguing feature for your garden. They are not just decorative items, but they actually have a purpose too!

Wind chimes create sound from the wind blowing and hitting them together.

These sounds give off vibrations, which produce calming effects that provide serious stress relief for humans and animals alike!

Reason 1: Welcoming Sound

The first reason why wind chimes are not so annoying is that they can be a welcoming sound. If your house has been empty for a while, wind chimes will announce the arrival of someone you love as soon as they come home.

Wind chimes are often looked at as a nuisance, but they can be very soothing. They’re not disruptive like other sounds, and many people enjoy the sound of wind chimes outside on their porch or in their garden.

Wind chimes provide a different kind of sound than what you hear from your typical alarm clock or doorbell ringing.

Some people even believe that wind chimes affect people’s moods and energy levels; if you live near someone who has wind chimes, then chances are you’ll feel more relaxed!

Reason 2: Warning Sound

A second reason why people don’t find them to be too irritating is that it’s nice to know when a storm or high winds are coming by listening to them whoosh in the air.

Wind chimes also provide music without making noise pollution from loudspeakers and car horns honking all day long!

Wind chimes are as old a the ancient Greeks. They’ve been used to warn of an oncoming storm or provide music in times when other instruments were not available.

These days wind chimes make it easy for people who suffer from chronic migraines and headaches by providing relief with their soothing sound!

Reason 3: Soothing Sound

The third benefit of these metal tubes tapping together outside our windows is that many think their soothing sounds help us sleep at night, especially during thunderstorms and other times where there might otherwise be a lot of anxiety.

Reason 4: Relaxing Sound

A fourth reason why wind chimes are not so annoying is that they’re a form of Zen, and if you’ve ever played with them before, it’s easy to see that the sound calms your mind while also making you feel very relaxed.

They don’t just make sounds when there’s something present in front of them either; some people take pride in teaching their kids about how these things work by letting them play around with one on a string or seeing who can create the most musical noises from shaking it back and forth!

Reason 5: Calming Sound

The fifth point I want to mention is that not only do many find this type of instrument calming for themselves, but they even help calm others as well- like animals!

Dogs will often lie down near one and yawn, or a horse will walk up to it to hear the soothing sounds.

Reason 6: Healing Sound

A sixth reason why wind chimes are not so annoying is that they’re often used for healing purposes, like by playing them around someone who’s feeling sick.

People can use this instrument to create vibrations from the thing being played, which then enter into themselves through touch- kind of like when people get reiki treatments!

Reason 7: Different Tones

The seventh point I want to mention is that certain types of tones come from different instruments where some may be too low for humans.

Still, animals can feel those specific frequencies just fine, while others might be higher than what we typically think of hearing but sound great on their own nonetheless.

Reason 8: Inexpensive Decor

The eighth one is that they’re inexpensive – you can find them for as little as $20 or so, depending on where you shop.

They also make really cool decorations around your home, making me happy when I see it because something is soothing about seeing these things no matter what time of year it may be outside while in my house.

It doesn’t have to hang from trees either- wind chimes look awesome hanging off porches too!

And finally, windchimes actually help people meditate by providing calming noises without any other distractions like music or anything else.

Reason 9: They sound awesome

The ninth one is that they sound awesome.

I know this sounds a little biased because it’s my favorite noise in the world, but wind chimes are one of the most relaxing things to hear when you’re outside and walking around or even reading on your porch swing.

It doesn’t interrupt your thoughts (if you want them interrupted), so if there’s anything else going on, then it will be drowned out by these soothing bells ringing as gentle breezes blow through them.

Reason 10: Doesn’t take up space

The tenth reason is that they don’t take up much space. They can hang from trees easily without having to worry about hurting any branches, as other decorations might do too.

All in all, wind chimes are great for having hanging outside to relax or focus on anything else that might be going on.

You can’t see them very well with the rest of your yard, so their colors don’t really take away from anything else- they’re more like a pleasant backdrop.

Reason 11: They are beautiful

The eleventh reason is that they’re so beautiful- the colors change as the light reflects off them while they sway peacefully back and forth, calming anyone who lays eyes upon it into a sense of peace and serenity.


Some people find them annoying because they think it’s a waste of money and time to make an effort into soundproofing your house if you’re getting annoyed by the symphony of tiny bells ringing from the wind chime every day- even when there is no breeze blowing.

They don’t understand how relaxing the sounds can be! I know this sounds biased because I’m a huge fan myself, but one thing these have over other things like music or white noise apps in terms of “annoyances” is that they aren’t all-consuming.

Unless someone out there could sleep through any background noise at all, then you don’t have to worry about waking up the whole house with a wind chime.

This article is not meant to be an appeal for everyone who hates them- it’s just my personal experience and opinion on how they can really add something special to your life:)

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